Another Kamerad Gone!

Jut-Rolf Fontanak is Gefallen

Feldwebel Fontanak's Todkarte

Jut-Rolf Fontanak (Jef Fontana), member of J.R. 23 and past member of
J.R. 63 is gone. Herrn Fontanak is shown here cooking for the troops.
He passed away at a WWI reenactment in Oklahoma.

The following message was received from fellow J.R. 23 member and Kamerad, Mike Gonzales:

Jef Fontana, husband, reenactor, founding member of J.R. 23 and a friend to many of you, died this morning "on the field.” Yesterday, at the Oklahoma WWI event site, Jef set up the field kitchen and then sacked out in the bunker. Early this morning (8 October), he was found dead by his Kameraden. Needless to say we here are all in a state of shock and mourning.

Jef as I will ALWAYS remember him.

My memories of Jef go back to Shimpstown--the first event I ever went to, I was just an observer, but I remember Jef--he was one of the few who had an authentic German haircut. After I got to know Jef, I learned that he was always that way--trying to be as authentic as possible. When I joined J.R. 63, Jef gave me a lot of good advice on my impression--he was always willing to help a new guy out.

Jef was a talented guy, not only could he make all kinds of stuff, he was a great actor too. I will never forget the kick I got seeing Jef in Pure Country--he had the best line in the whole movie--it was pure Jef too.

When the "Oklahoma Boys" left J.R. 63, Jef and I still talked a lot and I always considered him a true Kamerad. There was no one finer and I will truly miss him. If you knew Jef (or even if you didn't), please sign the condolence book below--that way Jef's family and friends can share some of your memories of him. If you have some good photos of Jef, please send them to me here at

Marsh Wise, Webmaster, reenactor.Net

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